Thursday, June 05, 2008


The new owners, Brian and Isabel Osborne, would like to join with all their customers past and present in wishing Andy and Catherine Mullins a happy and enjoyable retirement.
Our aim is to run the business as they have successfully done for the past 20 years plus.
During the change over and relocation of the business there are going to be delays and disruption to the normal service for which we apologise.
Please note new contact details:
PO Box 4293,
BA13 9AA
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1373 822231

The telephone line will be operational from 9 June 2008 and the e-mail address remains unchanged.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


On Friday 30th May the ownership of Branchlines changed. Andy and Catherine Mullins are no longer the owners. The new owners are Brian and Isabel Osborne of Westbury, Wiltshire.
For a period of 6 months all mail, e-mail, phone calls and post will be forwarded to Brian and Isabel, but after that their new contact details will have to be used. As they are taking over the domain name the e-mail address will continue unchanged.
Brian and Isabel plan to be up and running from Wednesday 4th June and their contact details are:
TEL/FAX: 01373-822231
Business hours: Monday-Thursday, 9.30-1.00, 2.00-5.30.
Andy and Catherine Mullins would like to thank all their customers for their support and goodwill which they have enjoyed for well over 20 years.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

12V DC ELECTRIC MOTORS - 1st May prices

We stock all the following and these are our current prices: MASHIM OPEN FRAME: 9/16 £9.95, 9/19 £8.75, 9/20 £10.75, 10/24 £8.95. HANAZONO OPEN FRAME: H.17, H.19, H.21 £11.25ea., H.1024 £10.25, Mini-open frame £18.00. MASHIMA 10MM FLAT CANS: 10/15, 10/20, 10/24 £10.50ea. MASHIMA 12MM FLAT CANS: 12/20, 12/24 £10.75ea. MASHIMA 14MM FLAT CANS: 14/20, 14/24, 14/26, 14/30 £11.75ea., 14/26 with 20mm front shaft £13.25. MASHIMA 16MM ROUND CANS: 16/24, 16/26, 16/30 £11.00ea. MASHIMA 18MM FLAT CANS: 18/24, 18/30, 18/33 £12.50ea. CANON 18/33 £17.00. FAULHABER CORELESS: 8/16 (8 volt) £27.50, 10/16 £29.00, 12/19 £27.00, 16/16 £25.50, 16/24 £27.00.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


The new Bachmann 108 model has totally different wheel/axle arrangements to all their previous models. It has split axles with a geared muff on the driven axles and plain muff (of a different length!) on the non-driven axles. We have the necessary special half axles packs available now ready fitted with our usual Black Beetle type solid nickel silver wheels for OO finescale, EM or 18.83 at £30.00 a set. (centre car wheels £12 a set)
(Photo courtesy Pat Seale)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sentinel Shunters Based on the Knightwing Plastic Kit

0-6-0 and 0-4-0 side rod loco kits available, both based on the Knightwing plastic kit for an 0-6-0. The 0-4-0 has the same cab and bonnet - kit mod' instructions included. Both are available as complete package deals with plastic kit, our etched chassis kit, Mashima motor, gearbox and all wheels, outside cranks, screws, wires, etc. needed. Prices as follows:
0-6-0 Sentinel Package Deal £61.00
0-4-0 Sentinel Package Deal £54.95

All parts are also available separately - please ask!

Dapol Kit Based Loco's in 4mm/'OO' Scale

All these popular kits are available and our package deals include the Dapol plastic kit, our full chassis kit for motorising and body interior or super-detailing kit.

Prices are as follows:
City of Truro package deal £91.00
Railbus Package deal £55.00,
Drewry 04 diesel package deal £59.50*
(* now with Gibson wheels instead of Romfords)

Calling Ian Willetts!

Ian - we have your order for wheels and card details, but NO ADDRESS!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


We have just run out of stock of the 1/8" male half axles needed for the single split axles. We have very limited stocks left of 2mm axles parts, but plenty of double split 1/8" axles. We also have assembly jigs in stock. We do not anticipate stocks being back to normal until the Autumn. Our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.


We now have in stock replacement wheels for the Bachmann 108 centre car, for both EM and 18.83. The set of 8 Black Beetle type nickel silver wheels on special half axles is £12.00 inc. VAT

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Due to a typo error we have 3 P4 Black Beetles to clear at special discounted prices. These have wheelbase of 33.5mm (0.5mm short for most DMU's), 12mm disc wheels and with P4 profile wheels to 18.83mm gauge. Normal price £39.45 - clearance price £35 each.

Also due to an order duplication we have 2 Black Beetles with 29.5mm wheelbase, 10.5mm disc wheels to 16.5mm (OO/HO) gauge and RP.25/88 profile wheels also £35.00 each.

Too clear some excess stock we have some 35mm wheelbase, 12mm wheeled, 'OO' Black Beetles at £37.00 each.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Catalogue PDF Files

All our Catalogues and some other useful Information Sheets are available as PDF files which we can e-mail to you. The Catalogues cover the following interest areas:

Motor, Gears and Motor Bogies (May/08) this includes all associated items such as brass bushes, shims, cardan shafts, nickel silver coach/diesel wheels,flywheels and useful data tables for all the motors and gearboxes we sell.

4mm Loco Kits and Accessories (Jan/08) including the Dapol Package Deals, chassis kits, detailing kits, Kean-Maygib accessories, loco and coach castings. Motor/gearbox combinations.

4mm Scale Narrow Gauge (Oct/07) including our Irish and Isle of Man loco, coach and wagon kits.

7mm Scale Narrow Gauge (Oct/07) - this covers our many loco kits including the Peco range, the Fords, Manning Wardle and the Paul Berntsen TMC kits from New Zealand.

7mm Scale (May/08) (standard gauge) - Col. Stephens Ford complete kit, various SR and MR part kits for coaches, Austin Ruby car, motors, gears and parts for 'O' gauge.

MR/LMS Carriage Kits (May/08) (4mm scale) - our complete range of sensibly priced kits combining ratio plastic mouldings and etched brass bodies.

SR Carriage and EMU Kits (Nov/07) (4mm scale) - Kirk 2BIL, our 2 HAL, BR(S) Push-Pull, high window Maunsell stock and most of our reintroduced range of etched kits for SE&CR and LB&SCR carriages and vans.

3mm Scale (May/08) - 9F chassis and body kits, Adams radial loco kit, bicycles, coach parts, motors, gears and accessories for 3mm + 9F boiler belly and cylinders.

Other useful sheets available as PDF's cover Black Beetle Motor bogies, PEA motor bogies, customer feedback on motor and gearbox combinations for 4mm loco's, split axle parts, magazine articles and some of our kit instruction sheets.

Please ask if there is something that would help you!

Monday, January 21, 2008


The following are made by us and include a simple, fold-up mounting, bushes and precision gears:
SINGLE STAGE WORM AND WHEEL GEARBOXES WITH ROMFORD GEARS: M8R 40:1, M16R 40:1 £6.00ea. 8RC with 1.5mm worm (30,40,50 or 60:1) £6.50, RU Romford Universal with 1.5 or 2mm worm (30, 40, 50 or 60:1) £6.50ea. RSL Romford Slimline (40, 50:1) £7.00. MULTIBOXES, 32, 40, 53, 67 or 80:1, 1.5 or 2mm worm to suit most motors (please say which) £14.95. GEARBOXES WITH ULTRASCALE GEARS: 38SL, 50SL £7.95ea. 2-Stage Slimline (50, 60 or 80:1, 1.5 or 2mm worm) £14.95. SINGLE STAGE BOXES WITH BRANCHLINES NEW PRECISION GEARS: 39ML, 39WL £8.50ea, 51ML, 51WL £9.00ea. NY 36:1 GEARBOXES: remote single stage £10.95, remote 2-stage £12.50, Close-coupled Mashima 14/26 motor and flywheel, single stage £26.00, 2-stage £27.50.
40:1 simple £18.00, 50:1 simple £19.50, 25:1 semi-enclosed £20.50, 40:1 semi-enclosed £19.50.
12mm (1.5 or 2mm bore) £2.50, 14mm (1.5 or 2mm) £2.75, 16mm (1.5 or 2mm) £2.95, 18mm x 9mm (2mm bore) £3.50, 18mm x 13mm (2mm) £3.95.

Friday, November 23, 2007

4mm Scale Pre-Group SECR and LB&SCR Carriage Stock Kits

We have the following etched brass kits packed and ready for posting. All are complete with brass and whitemetal castings and are less wheels, but include scale screw couplings:

Ref 4.9: SE&CR 32' 6-wheel CCT £27
Ref 4.23: SE&CR 44ft composite £42.00
Ref 4.24: LB&SCR 30' 6-wheel brake-third (end duckets) £33.50
Ref 4.41:
LB&SCR 32' 6-wheel composite or 2nd £33.50
Ref 4.39: LB&SCR 30' 6-wheel luggage van £30

Ref 4.40: LB&SCR 30' 6-wheel luggage/guard's van £30

Friday, October 19, 2007

Special Purchase - KM 18.83 Mansell Wheels

Just arrived - a big bag of Kean-Maygib 3' 7" Mansell carriage wheels for 18.83. These are loose wheels less bearings.

£1.90 each per axle plus P&P at usual rates
or £46.00 for 24 axles including postage to a U.K. address.

If Pin-point bearings are wanted, please add £3.50 for 50.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Personal Blog

Anyone visiting this Blog may also be interested to note my new personal Blog, at "". I am now using it to advertise personal model railway items and books as well as seeking help with my own modelling - first entries now there!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


These are the 2 new 7mm (O )scale SECR kits that are here now! . All etched brass parts only (no castings). Each includes a compensated underframe, detailed body and roof. 7.8 is the 'C' Horsebox and 7.10 is the 27ft Birdcage PBV.
INTRODUCTORY PRICE £85.00 the pair
(inc. U.K. P&P)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2 New 7mm LB&SCR Billinton Kits

To meet demand even at this late stage in our business, we have now in production a new tool for 2 new LB&SCR 7mm kits. These are the etched brass parts only for body and underframe for:
Kit 7.37: Billinton 30ft 6-wheel PBV to diag. 76/227
Kit 7.38 Billinton 30ft 6-wheel Ventilated Van to diag. 78/229 with toplights (the Bluebell van)
Introductory special price is £95 the pair inc. UK P&P (inc. 1st November price increase) and we are selling them now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Mashima has ceased manufacture of this motor. This is disappointing as we have found it popular in small loco's and especially in 3mm scale where its rounded pole pieces fit more easily than a square 9/16 or 9/20. Our stock will now be sold to exhaustion at our standard price of £8.25 each.

We have now received the last supply of Ultrascale gears for 2-stage slimline boxes which are also popular for 3mm loco's - stock will be sold to exhaustion at the normal price of £14.95

Friday, May 25, 2007


These new gears have now been selling steadily since introduced at Warley exhibition in December 2006.
Steel worms, 1.5 or 2mm bore plus brass helical gears of 2mm or 1/8" bore. Secure the worm with Loctite and the gear with its grub screw.
Introductory price: £6.00 per set.
39ML and 39WL gearbox kits £8.50 each.

Also now in stock - new 51:1 sets of the same quality - £6.50 per set, £9.00 per ML or WL gearbox kit

Monday, April 23, 2007


Just received back in stock after a long absence - Kean Maygib nickel silver sprung plunger pick-ups - packet of 6 for £6.50