Thursday, March 01, 2007

Black Beetle Nickel Silver Wheels (1st March update)

We are selling ever increasing quantities of these superb wheels. They are made in Australia by the same manufacturer as Black Beetle motor bogies. The photo' shows from left to right: 14mm to P4 profile 18.83 gauge, 14mm RP25/88 profile to EM gauge, 14mm RP.25/88 to 'OO' gauge, 14mm RP.25/110 to 'OO' gauge and 8mm RP.25/88 to 12mm gauge.
The normal arrangement is for one wheel per axle to be insulated and the other live. Double insulated are available to order. For 'OO', EM and 18.83 the normal axle length is the standard 26mm (over pin-points), but we also stock some 'OO' and EM wheels on 25mm (Lima) axles.
For 12mm (TT) gauge we stock 8mm and 10.5mm disc wheels, for 16.5 (OO) we have 8, 10.5, 12 and 14mm finescale (RP.25/88) on all sizes and universal (RP.25/110) for 10.5, 12 and 14mm, for EM and 18.83 we have 10.5, 12 and 14mm disc wheels. Also -6mm, RP.25/72.
The main demand for these wheels was initially for rewheeling RTR diesels (Bachmann, Heljan and some Hornby) but recently we have had a number of customers using them for coaching stock because of the reliable running characteristics, especially in 18.83.
The current price of the coach/diesel disc type wheels is now £2.25 per axle (inc. VAT) following a recent increase. Hornby 50 £16.50 a set on special half axles. These are14mm wheels mounted on half axles to suit the Hornby 50 diesel - just replace the Hornby wheels/half axles and it's done! For 'OO' finescale, 'EM' and '18.83'.