Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Due to a typo error we have 3 P4 Black Beetles to clear at special discounted prices. These have wheelbase of 33.5mm (0.5mm short for most DMU's), 12mm disc wheels and with P4 profile wheels to 18.83mm gauge. Normal price £39.45 - clearance price £35 each.

Also due to an order duplication we have 2 Black Beetles with 29.5mm wheelbase, 10.5mm disc wheels to 16.5mm (OO/HO) gauge and RP.25/88 profile wheels also £35.00 each.

Too clear some excess stock we have some 35mm wheelbase, 12mm wheeled, 'OO' Black Beetles at £37.00 each.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Catalogue PDF Files

All our Catalogues and some other useful Information Sheets are available as PDF files which we can e-mail to you. The Catalogues cover the following interest areas:

Motor, Gears and Motor Bogies (May/08) this includes all associated items such as brass bushes, shims, cardan shafts, nickel silver coach/diesel wheels,flywheels and useful data tables for all the motors and gearboxes we sell.

4mm Loco Kits and Accessories (Jan/08) including the Dapol Package Deals, chassis kits, detailing kits, Kean-Maygib accessories, loco and coach castings. Motor/gearbox combinations.

4mm Scale Narrow Gauge (Oct/07) including our Irish and Isle of Man loco, coach and wagon kits.

7mm Scale Narrow Gauge (Oct/07) - this covers our many loco kits including the Peco range, the Fords, Manning Wardle and the Paul Berntsen TMC kits from New Zealand.

7mm Scale (May/08) (standard gauge) - Col. Stephens Ford complete kit, various SR and MR part kits for coaches, Austin Ruby car, motors, gears and parts for 'O' gauge.

MR/LMS Carriage Kits (May/08) (4mm scale) - our complete range of sensibly priced kits combining ratio plastic mouldings and etched brass bodies.

SR Carriage and EMU Kits (Nov/07) (4mm scale) - Kirk 2BIL, our 2 HAL, BR(S) Push-Pull, high window Maunsell stock and most of our reintroduced range of etched kits for SE&CR and LB&SCR carriages and vans.

3mm Scale (May/08) - 9F chassis and body kits, Adams radial loco kit, bicycles, coach parts, motors, gears and accessories for 3mm + 9F boiler belly and cylinders.

Other useful sheets available as PDF's cover Black Beetle Motor bogies, PEA motor bogies, customer feedback on motor and gearbox combinations for 4mm loco's, split axle parts, magazine articles and some of our kit instruction sheets.

Please ask if there is something that would help you!