Sunday, September 30, 2007


These are the 2 new 7mm (O )scale SECR kits that are here now! . All etched brass parts only (no castings). Each includes a compensated underframe, detailed body and roof. 7.8 is the 'C' Horsebox and 7.10 is the 27ft Birdcage PBV.
INTRODUCTORY PRICE £85.00 the pair
(inc. U.K. P&P)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2 New 7mm LB&SCR Billinton Kits

To meet demand even at this late stage in our business, we have now in production a new tool for 2 new LB&SCR 7mm kits. These are the etched brass parts only for body and underframe for:
Kit 7.37: Billinton 30ft 6-wheel PBV to diag. 76/227
Kit 7.38 Billinton 30ft 6-wheel Ventilated Van to diag. 78/229 with toplights (the Bluebell van)
Introductory special price is £95 the pair inc. UK P&P (inc. 1st November price increase) and we are selling them now!