Saturday, April 05, 2008


The new Bachmann 108 model has totally different wheel/axle arrangements to all their previous models. It has split axles with a geared muff on the driven axles and plain muff (of a different length!) on the non-driven axles. We have the necessary special half axles packs available now ready fitted with our usual Black Beetle type solid nickel silver wheels for OO finescale, EM or 18.83 at £30.00 a set. (centre car wheels £12 a set)
(Photo courtesy Pat Seale)


Anonymous said...

Excellent conversion kit - no need to modify the pick-ups so it's dead easy to do. You do have to remove the brake shoes for EM/P4 and take care to gauge the wheels correctly as the original plastic sleeves and gears that you re-use vary in length. Glad I waited for this kit and didn't cobble something together myself!

David Barham said...

I just used this kit to convert a Bachmann 105 Cravens DMU. Works perfected. OO to P4 in 2 hours. Hardest bit is getting the sideframes off the motor bogie. use a small screwdriver down the inside end of the bogie.
David Barham

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