Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Due to a typo error we have 3 P4 Black Beetles to clear at special discounted prices. These have wheelbase of 33.5mm (0.5mm short for most DMU's), 12mm disc wheels and with P4 profile wheels to 18.83mm gauge. Normal price £39.45 - clearance price £35 each.

Also due to an order duplication we have 2 Black Beetles with 29.5mm wheelbase, 10.5mm disc wheels to 16.5mm (OO/HO) gauge and RP.25/88 profile wheels also £35.00 each.

Too clear some excess stock we have some 35mm wheelbase, 12mm wheeled, 'OO' Black Beetles at £37.00 each.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with paul hamilton, its stupid and frustrating when you cannot download a PDF file direct, Im frustrated attempting to find something I would wish to purchase.Ridiculous business sense. Maxjet 37